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Monday, February 6, 2012

Big Blue

I've commented before on how comfortable some of the animals are getting as we approach.  A perfect example of this is one I have named "Big Blue".  He's (maybe it's a "she", but humor me!) about 3' tall and blends into the driftwood flotilla that he hangs around so well that he is often missed by most visitors.  Here are just a few pictures that really show the beauty of the wild world around us here at Reynolds Creek.


Things have been pretty quiet around here.  Our friends, Dave and Sue from Minnesota, have now settled in next door and are ready to do some volunteer work for the Corps.  
Dave and Sue arriving at Reynolds Creek for their new
COE Volunteer position
We cooked dinner for them last Wednesday after they arrived and, when we walked out with them about 8:00 p.m., we were admiring the star-filled sky when all of a sudden a meteor of pretty good size streaked across for a good 10 seconds, leaving a streak of sparks and a long tail before dying out.  Now, I understand that the meteor hunters are searching a 3-county area for meteorite fragments.

Judy and I have taken some time to explore the various campgrounds around the lake.  One new area I have discovered is called "The Wetlands".    I'll save further discriptions and discussions for a post in the near future.

Next week, the Corps has scheduled a burn to start a multi-year attack on the Johnson Grass that has invaded Texas pastures.  The 120+ acres around us have a solid infestation that stands about 4 feet tall and will explode in an instant if someone throws a careless flame into it.  The burn-off should make for some really interesting pictures, but we will definitely move our "house"  to a "safe" location prior to it.