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Monday, September 24, 2012

Final Days of July!

It's hard to believe it is the last week of September and we are back in Texas and visiting family, but that story is for another day!  First, it's time to complete the story of Michelle and Logan's visit to Colorado - old news to some, but memories for me!

Since Logan was completing the Junior Ranger booklet and had to see as many birds (and other wildlife, etc.) that he could, on Friday, July 27th, we decided to visit our friend and fellow workamper Donna at East Portal Campground (just down the road from the YMCA camp - for those who have been there).  Donna's feeder attracted up to 15-20 hummingbirds at a time, many of whom would land on her fingers.

Logan, Dick/Grampa and Donna at the feeder
From there, we drove up Highway 7 to treat Michelle and Logan to spring water directly from the pump.

Our day ended with hanging out at the campground, which Michelle truly enjoyed!

Dick and I were on duty the next 3 days and, after being on the road since their arrival, Michelle and Logan were content to relax (Michelle) and play on the rocks and at the playground (Logan).  On Saturday, July 28th, we did just that until Donna told us there was a big black bear in a tree a few miles away.  We headed that way and, when Dick later went for viewing and pictures, the bear cooperated and stood up; however, for us, he only slept, but it was still cool to see and another item to check off in Logan's Junior Ranger booklet.

Approximately 400-pound male black bear
Logan and Michelle - waiting for a better picture!
Michelle and Logan - still waiting!
Back at camp, we were treated to another awesome rainbow!

That evening, we had another campground program on bears and mountain lions, which was perfect, since Logan had to attend a program, write about it and get a ranger's signature for his Junior Ranger badge.  Thank you, Ranger Howell, for your sign-off for Logan!

Campground program on bears and mountain lions
Michelle and Logan at campground program
Logan and Dick/Grampa discussing campground program
On Monday, July 30th, Dick was on duty for both of us, and Michelle, Logan and I went "shopping" in Estes Park.  We first stopped at Dick's Rock Museum where Logan picked out a Geode to be cut.


Once in town, we bought homemade candies and Blue Bell ice cream - yummy!  When we returned to camp, Logan talked me into playing pool - first time since college - and it was fun!

Logan playing pool at the game room!
Judy/Grammy playing pool, too!
Well, all good things must come to an end so, on Tuesday,  July 31st,  before heading for the airport in Aurora, CO, we went to the Fall River Visitor Center for Logan to be tested by the ranger and sworn in as a Junior Ranger.  He was asked some pretty tough questions and aced them all.  We were so proud of him!

Logan really was pleased and proud of himself, too!
And off they went back to Houston!
  August was a much quieter month, with only 6 weeks left before heading back to Texas for the fall and winter, and that story will be told in another posting.

I hope you enjoyed visiting with us and please come again!  Until next time, see ya!  ~judy~