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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mark that off the “to do” list!

As some of you know, Dick and I were asked by one of the rangers to paint the wooden screen at the Reynolds Creek Park amphitheater a few weeks ago.  Well, first, it was too wet; then, it was too cold; and, then, we had to prepare for the burn.  Then, it was too wet and too cold again!  Oh, and then our neighbor, Dave, was gone and we did not have his 4-wheeler to carry the can of paint, which was definitely too heavy to lift into our vehicle.  Excuses, excuses!!  Obviously, this was one project that had to be done to get it “off our plate” and, as you can tell, painting is not our favorite “job”.  Well, Dick finally scraped the old paint off the screen last weekend (and I promised this was another story to tell another day).  Yesterday, Dave went with Dick to deliver the paint to the site and, yesterday afternoon, Dick and I finally painted the screen.  Not a hard job, but the first thing I did was touch my warm-up pants with the wet paint brush – and I actually got the paint off in the wash.  Now that this “job” has been marked off the “to do” list, we can begin to reorganize the RV and get ready to move in a few more weeks.

Playground at Reynolds Creek Park (near amphitheater)
Bridge on trail - near

Amphitheater with screen to scrape and paint
Dick scraping paint on screen

Dick finishing paint job on screen

Finally!  We're done!!
Dick has been trying to get me to hike with him and I actually did so the other afternoon – and hope to do more now that the weather is so nice.

Dick has finally been able to complete a couple of indoor projects to make our RV more of a home!  I am so excited with my computer desk (no more having to move my laptop every time we eat a meal at the table).  As you can see, we also added a plastic holder to keep files handy that I am working on - which I thought was over when I left my career job.  I honestly can relate to Mom telling us she had so much to do, as I now find that happening to me.  At least most of it is what I want to do - and not what I have to do!  I am also excited with the shelves Dick made to get the meds off the bathroom counter and have a place to display my angels, which were made by a good friend of our family and former bookkeeper at Photo & Copy (who worked with Dad and Dick), Judy LaGrange.  These angels remind me so much of Dad and Mom, and I am glad I was able to “inherit” them!  Dick also installed the outlet to the right of mirror, which has an extension cord on the outside of the RV that connects to the park's outlet.  Now, we can use both electric heaters without blowing a fuse.  I really think Dick should submit his RV home improvement ideas to Motor Home magazine!!

Computer "desk"

Computer "desk"

Bathroom shelves
Not much excitement since we are getting ready to make our move to another camping area at Reynolds Creek Park toward the end of March – when the gatekeepers move in and the park is opened for camping on April 1st.  We will be going to Tomball next weekend to celebrate our grandson Colby’s 5th birthday.  Then, Michelle and Logan will be spending their spring break with us, so we will be doing more fun things and posting more pictures.

It’s hard to believe that we will be leaving this area by mid-April to visit family and friends in TX and LA and, then, pick up our RV in Waco and travel to Estes Park, CO until October 1st!  Our first visitors will be Mike and his family, who will visit the week before Memorial Day, and we would love to see anyone who can make the trip!

Thanks for checking in and see ya’ll next time!  ~Judy~