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Friday, September 7, 2012

More of visit from Michelle and Logan!

Since over a month has passed, I have been wondering if I should post more of Michelle and Logan's visit during the last week of July (especially since Dick has now posted more recent events).  Finally, I decided to back-track with this posting, since my plan has been to "memorialize" our travels and, therefore, I must include it all.  I hope you enjoy "traveling" with Dick and I!

As many of you know, Dick's latest hobby is making cigar box guitars and, before heading out on Thursday, July 26th, one of our campers, Ben, stopped by to see Dick's first creation and to show off his guitar, as well.

Dick with his first cigar box guitar (which has been sold)!
Ben playing a tune for Logan!

Finally, Dick made the decision to travel over Trail Ridge Road ( through Rocky Mountain National Park with Michelle and Logan!  This is a must-see drive while visiting the area, and the weather was perfect - clear and calm.  I must admit, though, that I was just as nervous on the road with drop offs as I was many years ago.

RMNP Trail Ridge Road Map

On Trail Ridge Road! 
Michelle and Logan at one of the overlooks!

Finally, we reached the Alpine Visitor Center - at the Top of Trail Ridge Road - where we shopped for souvenirs, had a snack and went to the visitor center.  As you can see, it gets cooler as you travel upward, but it was no more than "hoodie" weather on this day.

Here's proof that Dick made it to the top!
Logan at the top!

After leaving the Alpine Visitor Center and continuing our drive on Trail Ridge Road, we first saw a herd of elk in a field, but got really excited when we saw a nursing fawn and, then, watched the fawn and her mommy stop traffic to rejoin their herd.


Traveling on down the road, we saw this beautiful deer - another picture-taking moment!

Note the deer on the hill behind
Michelle and Logan!
Note the rack on this specimen!
Grampa used this stop as a teaching moment, too, since Logan wanted to take some shots himself!

Our next stop was the Continental Divide, which splits the park, giving the eastern and western portions of the park a different character.  The east side of the park tends to be drier, and the west side of the park is wetter and more lush, with deep forests dominating.  Guess where our campground was located - and it was not in the deep forest!

After passing the Continental Divide, we stopped for a picnic at Lake Irene, and these critters tried to share our lunch.  I know Dick has previously posted pictures, but I'm kind of proud of my shots, too!

Gold-Mantled Ground Squirrel
Carson Nutcracker
Michelle took a walk along the path and sat and reflected on the beauty around her.


We had decided to drive further along the road until we could, hopefully, observe moose.  As we tell our campers, if you see cars parked along the road, stop and ask what they are watching.  Well, it worked!

Logan thought the moose were awesome, too, and notice the one laying in the grass beyond the pond!

Mission accomplished so we began the drive back along Trail Ridge Road and were treated to more awesome views of the Rocky Mountains.

The end of our 2nd full day of Michelle and Logan's visit - roasting marshmallows around a campfire!

As you can see, our first two days were very full, so I will close for now and add more later.  I hope you have enjoyed your visit!

See ya!  ~judy~