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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Got Rid of That Yucky Carpet

Our RV guy, Ken, left with his helper just a short while ago and Judy and I enjoyed a meal of baked boneless chicken stuffed with crawfish jambalaya.  A little too much red pepper for our taste, but still good!  We keep looking at the new floor, relishing the thought of no more carpet to hold all that sand and other trash.  Now, if Judy spills a bowl of bar-b-que sauce like she did when Dave and Lesa visited just after we moved in, all she needs is a towel to wipe it up and not a trace will be left!  According to Ken, the real work was in taking the carpet out.  Of course, he didn't say that until I had pulled it all out.  All in all, just about a flawless job, and we are well pleased.  Next week, he is coming back to take care of a few small items, and I promised Judy I would build her a table top to accommodate her laptop so we don't have to move it when we want to eat supper.

This is what the carpet looked like just before
we moved in.  The stains and wear are barely
Midway though the process of removing
carpet, foam, glue and staples

Finally, after a day and a half of scraping,
tugging, and yanking, followed by long showers,
the old carpet was gone and ready for Ken and his crew.
For us, it was all worth it!


  1. The floor looks awesome. I know you'll enjoy it.

  2. Looks beautiful! This is a project we've thought about too. Glad to see yours turned out so well.