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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We’re Moving

This is the entry to our new home.  The cluster of trees to the right of the gatehouse
is where our pad is. It includes an over-sized picnic table, a smoker, and a firepit with adjustable grill.  Also, in the back yard is a small grove of plum trees.  The lake is about ¼ mile through the trees on the left.

When you least expect it, opportunity knocks, and opportunity has come banging on our door.  As many of you know, our original plans were to stay at the RV park until next April.  However, things were not as described and circumstances not as promised so, after 3-½ months, when we received a call from an agency that needed a couple to serve as park host, we weighed our situation and decided to move on.
As of next Monday, we will be volunteering at Reynolds Creek Park, Waco Lake for the U.S.  Army Corps of Engineers.  We will be working 20 hours per week opening and closing the gates, as well as other tasks involving maintenance and any other duties where we are needed.  Judy and I look at this as a great opportunity, as we will be the only campers (at this time) in the campground.  This is a pretty large park, but this winter, a large part of it has been cordoned off and the rest turned into day use only.   We visited today to check out our site with some friends, and saw at least 20 nice deer, including a few really nice bucks.  The area rangers have told me of some nesting eagles and I believe I spotted a fish hawk atop one of the tree skeletons along the lake.  There are a number of stump-studded coves around the lake that will offer some good kayaking and hopefully, great fishing.  I already know that with the photographic opportunities of the previous items mentioned I will get some super trophies.
Unlike the noise from the heavy truck traffic and the lowful wail of diesel engines from the tracks behind us at Waco North RV Park, we were greeted with the beautiful sound of wilderness - so quiet, my tinnitus became painfully evident.   I think this winter will be that of relaxed enjoyment.
Watch for further updates!


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