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Monday, January 23, 2012

A little of this and that!

Since my last posting, I got over the cough, etc. and started with the watery, itchy eyes and sniffles.  Now, my challenge is NOT rubbing my eyes!  It was so bad last week that blood vessels burst in my right eye, which is still totally red (where it should be white) after almost a week.  I promise not to post that picture, which looks like I could be in a vampire movie.  Gotta love the cedar trees at this time of year!!  SO I am living on allergy meds and have scheduled a medical appointment in 2 weeks – when I hope we can find a “fix” to at least control the allergies, so I can get outside and enjoy the area.

Last weekend for the youth deer hunt, the weather was clear and crisp.  The hunt was at another park near us, and Dick was asked to take pictures of the hunters and their “trophies”.  On Saturday afternoon, our friends Dave and Sue came by to visit, and Dick and I invited them to go with us to join the hunters, their parents and rangers for a chili dinner that night.  It was fun visiting and eating!

Sue, Dick and Dave w/puppies

Sue, Jay, Dave and Dick at chili dinner

A great night for a campfire!
While at the dinner, I was asked to volunteer some hours each week assisting in the COE office.  After training, I committed to volunteering a few hours on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday afternoon until mid-February.  This is definitely not “work” – answering phones, assisting visitors and helping, if needed, in the office – and everyone is so friendly and appreciative of our assistance, plus I can read, etc.

This past Thursday night, Dick and I were invited to join our friends Dave, Sue, Paul, Terri and Joe (workampers at the park where Dick and I previously volunteered) to have a “going-away dinner” for Joe, who moved back to Dallas on Friday.  We met at The Pizza House of West and had some great food and a great visit, but are sorry to see Joe leave and hope to meet down the road.

Joe, Dave and Dick - the guys

Dick, Charles (who stopped by), Terri, Paul,
Dave, Judy, Sue and Joe

Judy, Terri and Sue - the gals
This past weekend seemed strange with no company and just hanging out at the RV in the park.  I played “catch up”, read and rested while Dick finished a project for me.  He made a shelving unit for the curios we were able to keep, and it is exactly what I envisioned - right down to the exact color of our cabinets.  Naturally, when we travel, the shelves will come off the dash and the curios will be packed away.  While settled in one place for some time, it all goes back in place so the RV has our special keepsakes from home that make the RV home.

Today is more “catch up” for me while Dick is building shelves for behind our kitchen counter to put spices on.  I am excited to get these bottles off my cabinet – since we found that Dick does not know how to cook without numerous spices on hand!

We are in the process of reorganizing and looking ahead, as it is exactly 3 months before we head for Colorado.  Time sure does fly when we are having fun!

Thanks for stopping by and see y’all next time!  ~Judy~

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