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Monday, May 21, 2012

The kids are here!

As Dick mentioned, the weather on Saturday was really "yucky" with rain off and on all day - which was much needed but not great for outdoor plans.  Mike and April and the boys arrived from Texas around 12 noon and checked into their campground.  We saw them briefly and left them to settle in.  Then, they brought Colby and Ben to us, so that they could get showers and rest - after driving straight through.  We had a great afternoon with the boys, who played with their Legos and only got "antsy" a few times.  We fixed a chicken stew dinner (a favorite) for Mike and April, which was enjoyed by all.

After a morning drive yesterday (when the weather was much better with a few small showers but mostly sunshine), Mike called to invite us to join them for lunch.  We met at the Big Horn Restaurant in Estes Park, which was not quite what we expected, but the company was great.

Ben, Grampa (Dick), Colby, Mike and April
As Dick mentioned, we took a drive ourselves and I am posting a couple pictures I took, which are similar to what Dick posted, but I wanted to share them, as well.

Elk on road to East Portal Campground
Blue Bird in Moraine Park

Deer in Moraine Park
After "rest time", we went to Mike and April's campground for a taco dinner and more visiting.  They have a view of the Big Thompson River and you can hear the water, which is very peaceful.

Colby playing Legos on his bed in camper
Ben watching a movie on his bed in camper

Dick, April and Mike "vegging" after dinner -
Big Thompson River behind the trees in background!
Dick and Mike have gone fly fishing this afternoon, while April stays with the boys for their "rest time".  I am not used to being by myself and look forward to seeing everyone this evening - and, hopefully, having a sleepover with Colby and Ben (we'll see if they last the night, but we are only 5 minutes from their Mom and Dad).

Will add more later!  ~judy~

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