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Monday, May 7, 2012

Time to move on and visit family and friends!

WOW!  It’s hard to believe that we have not updated our blog since March 16th!  Much has happened since then, and we have been very busy (even without real JOBs).  Dick will provide updates on our trip to Colorado and time in our campground since arriving here.  First, I want to bring you up to date on our last few weeks at Waco Lake and our travels to visit family and friends.

On March 24th, Dick and I, with our co-volunteer hosts (Dave and Sue) had to move from our sites to prepare for the gate keepers to arrive in time for the park to open on April 1st to campers.  We moved to site #34 in the camping area and set up house once more.

Later that afternoon, Dick and I went to a birthday/”glad to be alive”, etc. party for our friend and COE worker, Maxine.  Our friends Terry and Joan were there, as well, and great visiting and food was had by all. 

Joan and Terry
Maxine and friends

The following morning, our friend Dick Wilcox came to say “see ya” prior to returning to Washington state for the summer.

Dick Wilcox and Sue and Dave Lubbers
That afternoon, we had Dave and Sue over for some of Dick’s delicious barbeque.

Dick and Dave
On Monday, March 26th, we received a call from Ranger Liz Anderson to see if Dick and I wanted to go fishing that evening on the Middle Bosque River.  Not being a fisherman, I went along and brought my Kindle and camera (praying not to drop either overboard).  While Dick and Liz fished, I took pictures and read.  Although the fishing was not what it had been, Dick caught enough for a meal the next day.  Thank you, Liz, as we would not have seen this view along the river from land.

Dick and Ranger Liz Anderson searching for a great fishing spot!
Sunset returning to Twin Bridges Park

Ranger Liz and me - enjoying the ride!
On Friday, March 30th, the Corps of Engineers hosted a fish fry for all volunteers and paid gate keepers at Airport Beach Park.  That morning, Ranger Liz asked me to peel and slice potatoes and onions for the event, which I did with Dick’s assistance.  What a way to fill a few volunteer hours for the week!  The fish fry was a huge success with great fish, fries, hushpuppies and sides brought by all attendees, as well as great company.  To our surprise, all volunteers were presented with a certificate and pin by Ranger Eric Bonnell!

Terry frying fish

Dick on left and Ranger Eric Bonnell on right

Chow time!

Ranger Eric presenting Dick and I with certificates and pins
Ranger Liz with volunteer Jerrie (who works in COE office)
 On Sunday, April 1st, we had a call from our friends (formerly at the KOA/Good Sam park with us in West), Richard and Barbara, who wanted to come visit.  We had not seen them for months and were thrilled to have a chance to visit before leaving the area.  Our visit ended up being all day, including going out to dinner and visiting their campground.  Richard and Barbara were so impressed with our campground and volunteer host position that they applied and are now camp hosts at Waco Lake, too!

Dick, Barbara and Richard
Richard and Barbara

The following week was spent getting ready to hit the road, including getting the Nitro ready to tow behind the RV and cleaning and rearranging all bays.  Since we were at a site with no sewer hookups, we decided to go home to spend Easter with the kids/grandkids.  On Saturday, April 7th, we drove the RV to our RV repairman for storage and a few repairs during the next 2 weeks.

We then drove to Tomball, TX to our son Mike’s home to spend a week with him, his wife April and our grandsons Colby and Ben.  Following Easter Eve church services, we went to eat Mexican food with April’s Mom and Dad, Jay and Sue.  Then, home for the boys to decorate Easter eggs and get ready for the Easter bunny.  On Easter Sunday, Michelle and Logan joined us and we had a delicious fried shrimp dinner followed by an Easter egg hunt for the boys.

Heading out from Reynolds Creek Park on Waco Lake!
Dick, April and Mike - after Mexican food!
Ben and Colby - at the wishing well!

Grammy with Colby and Ben - dying eggs

Colby and Ben showing off their dyed Easter eggs

The Easter bunny did good!

Logan and Grampa on Easter Sunday

Our "boys" - Colby (5), Logan (11) and Ben (3)

The "boys" enjoying their fried shrimp meal

Dick, Jay, Sue, April, Michelle & Mike - chow time!

The "boys" ready for the Easter hunt

SILs - Michelle and April - with matching crosses -
Michelle's birthday gift to April (4/15)
We had a leisurely week in Tomball, including Dick putting the base plate on our Nitro for towing.  On Thursday evening, April and I went for a pedi/mani, which was an early Mother’s Day gift to me from Dick (since I now consider this an extravagant expense).

Mike and April left on Friday afternoon with their friends Steve and Lori for a weekend in Fredericksburg while Grammy and Grampa stayed with Colby and Ben.  The boys were awesome and we had a great time!

Colby - just thinking!

Ben with Pop and Mama Sue (April's parents)

Colby and Ben -" reading"!  They love books!

Grampa with Ben and Colby - a group hug

We ended our week by surprising April with a birthday dinner when she returned on Sunday, April 15th!

On Monday, April 16th, Dick and I headed for Seabrook, TX to visit Michelle and Logan.  Again, the week was fairly leisurely.  We picked Logan up from school a few days and even met him for lunch one day.  We had a couple good visits with my sister Betti, a visit with my cousins Gordon and Linda and lunch at T-Bone Tom’s in Kemah, TX with our friends and fellow hosts at Waco Lake, Terry and Joan (who will be volunteers at a park in West Virginia for the summer, and we hope to meet up again one day).

Dick, Judy, Joan and Terry at T-Bone Tom's - Kemah, TX

As soon as Michelle and Logan got out of school on Friday, April 20th, we drove to Lake Charles to the Isle of Capri for the weekend.  My brother and sister-in-law (Jim and Sharon) also stayed at the hotel that weekend, so we all had brunch together on Saturday morning.  Saturday afternoon, we met them, as well as my nieces Virginia and Natalie and nephew James at Darrell’s for po-boys.  Yummy!

Logan - loving our room at Isle of Capri

Jim and Sharon with Logan - in our room

Brunch at Isle of Capri -
Michelle Sharon, Jim, Dick and Logan

Lunch at Darrell's - Virginia, Natalie and Michelle

On Saturday evening, Dick and I attended my Lake Charles High School Class of 1965 reunion event at the home of Charles and Karen Woodard, who are awesome hosts and have a beautiful home on the Calcasieu River - and, yes, our class of 47 years ago has a "reunion" twice a year in Lake Charles, LA.  Again, we ate great food and had a great visit with old friends!  I would love to post all the pictures taken that night, but it would take up far too much room, so here are the highlights.

Charles Woodard (our host), Bob Soileau and Dick

Dick and Louis Haxthausen

Faye Palermo McGee, Judy Tolin Mott (me) and
Kathy Broussard Soileau

Jimmy LeBlanc and Lillie Ray Levy

Karen Woodard (our hostess) and Dick

Mike McClanahan and Gil and Laura Eagle Kaough

On Sunday, April 22nd, we made a trip to Steamboat Bill’s on the lake to have our final taste of Louisiana seafood for many months to come.  We then returned to Seabrook, settled in and got ready to head out on Monday, April 23rd, for Tomball and then Waco.  Dick will pick up from here and chronicle our travels to Colorado and since arriving in Estes Park.

Thanks for stopping by once again and see ya!  ~Judy~

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