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Friday, May 18, 2012

Wildlife in the park and first 4 days as volunteers!

Dick and I began our volunteer camp host position on Tuesday and will “work” through today.  Basically, we have been familiarizing ourselves with the park, picked up trash, visited with the few campers we have had since the park opened on May 15th and monitored the campground from our RV, which includes being available to assist if needed.  We have a golf cart for making our rounds and, the other day, we enjoyed the view from the top tent site in the park.

View from top of hill in the park!
Look closely at bottom of hill and our RV is pictured!

We also have a Wetlands area with a pond at one end of the park, which is home to ducks, geese and herons.


The quiet has been awesome, as it is giving us a chance to get acclimated and prepared for the 3-day Memorial day weekend – when we are again on duty.  We have received a radio (to share with our co‑hosts), on-duty sign and off-duty sign for our RV, name tags, and golf shirts and t-shirts (1 each for each of us).  We really feel official now!

While on duty, we have seen a herd of deer almost every day.  The rule is not to get too close and not to feed any animal in the park.  As Michelle reminded us, when she worked at Yosemite National Park, they were told to tell campers that more people are killed by deer each year than by bear!


Last evening, we finally saw the herd of elk in the campground!  I could just sit and watch the elk forever – if I had the time.  The bulls' velvet-covered antlers are rapidly growing.

Mary's Lake (across from our campground) with Ram's Horn Mountain in the background
As we complete our last day on duty until next Thursday, we are getting ready for Mike, April, Colby and Ben’s visit.  They will arrive sometime tomorrow, and we will have the next 5 days off with them.  Y’all know I will have lots to write about and lots of pictures to post after their visit!

Thanks for stopping by and see ya next time!  ~Judy~

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