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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Shopping, visiting and volunteering!

Not much has happened since my last post - other than shopping, visiting and volunteering - but I do not want to fall behind - again!

One afternoon, our new friends, Mike and Kathleen, who were camping a few days with their family, came by to visit before heading east, and we hope to keep in touch over time.

While off duty, we took a couple days and went browsing and shopping in and around Estes Park - and quickly realized we save money when on duty and at the campground.  We visited Dick's Rock Museum, which is highly overpriced for us and had nothing we were enticed to buy.  From there, we went to the Twisted Pine Fur & Leather Co. where Dick finally found the hat he has been searching for (a Father's Day gift from Michelle and Logan).


We then went to downtown Estes Park and visited Images of RMNP, which has awesome photographic prints by Erik Stensland.  You can view his work at  Next door, we met Cynthia Burt from Texas, who owns Life's Bear Necessities.  She also had some of Mr. Stensland's works, which can be seen at  I wish I had known about these stores when my DIL April visited in May, and I am anxious to take Michelle to them when she and Logan visit later this month.  Since we do not have room to hang prints of any size in our RV, we looked but did not buy.  We did visit a few t-shirt shops, and I finally bought my Rocky Mountain t-shirts.  Then, we had to visit a sporting goods store to pick up a few "must have" items.

The next day, Dick and I headed down Mary's Lake Road from the campground and found that traffic was stopped because of a herd of elk crossing the road.  Naturally, we stopped to take pictures - especially since there were a few babies with their moms and a buck following the herd.

Stopping traffic on Mary's Lake Road!


From there, we drove through Devil's Gulch along the Big Thompson River, and I read some of "The Big Thompson Disaster" book about the tragic flash flood on July 31, 1976 (approximately 6 weeks after we visited the area).  It's really strange to read about the events while driving along the road.  The pages of my book were beginning to separate, so we purchased a new copy at the Indian Village store on Highway 34 - where Dick also found some pieces of deer antler to make a guide for his hat string.  We then stopped at the Dam Store, which has awesome prices on t-shirts, etc., and I finally found the dark brown zip-up hoodie I've been searching for and another t-shirt. That's it!  I'm through with buying for quite some time!

Dick and I were on duty at the campground from July 4-7 and what a strange Independence Day it was.  Since there is a fire ban in Larimer County and most of Colorado, we answered campers’ questions about fireworks (or the lack thereof) and  made rounds to be sure no one had campfires or fireworks.  There were no problems in our campground, but the rangers were making regular rounds, as well.  We hung our flag, put a flag on our golf cart and watched the fireworks on tv.

One morning, while making rounds, we were told that there were 2 elk bedded down at the wetlands.  With the drought the pond is almost dry, but the elk were there and posed for me.


The last 3 days, we have had LOTS of rain, with thunder and lightening, but not much wind (fortunately), throughout the day and night.  Since Colorado needs rain so desperately, we cannot complain, but it is getting old.  We warn all campers that they should not put out their awnings and, if they do, not to leave them (or canopies) out when they leave their campsite.  Not only will the winds cause problems, but so will standing water from heavy rains – as we saw late yesterday.

Last night, we had a campfire program (without the campfire and inside due to the weather), which was presented by Janie, who told everyone about the bears and mountain lions in this area.  Dick spotted a bear behind our campground yesterday, but it hid from us when we went to higher ground.  We know they are coming, though, and we have been told what to do when we see one.  Surprisingly to me, the rule is to stand tall (holding a jacket above your head if you have one) and NOT turn and run, but back up slowly.  Here's hoping that I remember this the first time I see a bear up close and personal - or even at a distance!  I want the picture but not the close encounter!

We are off duty today, with Dick working on a woodworking project and me "catching up" - since the weather is dreary and rainy again.  We had a visit this afternoon from campers from Napoleonville, LA, and we hope to see Eric and Linda the next time we head their way.  Unfortunately, I forgot our usual picture of visitors!

We also saw a rainbow this afternoon and, although it is not as bright as the one a couple weeks ago, I have to end my posting with the picture - which is always a positive sign to me!

Thanks for stopping by, please comment and see ya next time!  ~judy~


  1. Hey Judy, is there a particular reason the bears are heading your way? Curious minds...

  2. Tee shirts are my budget downfall too. :)