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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More of this and that!

As Dick recently posted, we were without dependable, if any, internet for a few months, so we were very behind on our postings. I would like to start with a brief synopsis of our life since I last posted through the end of July 2012 – since our blog is also memorializing our life as fulltime RVers.  I promise to break this down so as not to bore all of you following our blog – hopefully!

As we continued our patrols around Mary’s Lake Campground during August, the does were having their babies, and this pair was frequently spotted strolling through the campground.


We worked with some super employees at the MLC store, and here is Dick checking in with Sarah (from LA) and Zac (who has now moved on to FL).  Y’all keep in touch!

P1020156_resize - Sarah and Zac in MLC office

During our stay at MLC, Dick was able to pursue his hobby of making cigar box guitars, and Ranger Daniel bought one of his first ones.  Daniel, we hope you are enjoying it!

P1020295_resize - Daniel with cigar box guitar

September found us reorganizing and getting ready to head back to TX on September 16th – to arrive at Fort Parker State Park near Mexia on October 1st.

I loved the rainbows we saw from our site at MLC, and here is an awesome one that we viewed on September 1st.

P1020354_resize - Rainbow - 9-1-12

On September 8th, my high school classmate Charles Woodard, his wife Karen and their two (2) daughters drove to Rocky Mountain National Park for a quick visit, and invited me to join them for lunch at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.  Thanks, y’all!  My only regret is that I was unable to spend more time checking out the history of this beautiful hotel.

P1020359a_resize - Brunch at Stanley Hotel with Charles and Karen Woodard - 9-8-12

One item on our to-do list before leaving the area was to witness the elk in rut and, on September 10th, as we were heading into RMNP, we witnessed a herd at The Stanley Hotel, and what an awesome site they were.

P1020367_resize - Elk at The Stanley Hotel - 9-10-12

Our trip back to TX was uneventful, with Dick traveling all the back roads in order to avoid lots of mountains and traffic.  We actually increased our diesel mileage by two (2) gallons per mile, so it was worth it – although we did not see anything exciting. 

We did make a detour to visit our friends and former co-hosts Dave and Sue at Cedron Creek on Lake Whitney – where they were gate attendants and will be again this spring and summer.


After dropping the RV off at Fort Parker State Park, we headed to Tomball to see the kids and grandkids – after not seeing them for a few months.  On Saturday, September 22nd, Mike and April hosted a barbeque so that we could meet Michelle’s boyfriend (now fiancĂ©) John, who has definitely become part of the family.  Our daughter-in-law April and daughter Michelle had fun hanging out, and our grandsons (Colby, Ben and Logan) enjoyed playing together.


On September 27th, Dick and I made a whirlwind trip to Lake Charles, LA to visit friends and family.  Our first stop was for lunch with my cousin Ginny and 92-year-old Aunt Ruby – and Ginny picked up boudin for us to enjoy, which was a treat for Dick and I.


We then made a quick trip to visit our friends Bob and Kathy and see their new home.  We had a great visit and are happy for them and their move – eventually – back home!

P1020442x_resize - CopyP1020439x_resize

We then met my brother Jim and sister-in-law Sharon at one of our favorite eateries in Lake Charles – Steamboat Bill’s.  Thank you, Jim and Sharon, for treating us to an early dinner!


Finally, before returning to Michelle’s in El Lago, we stopped in Beaumont, TX to visit my brother David and sister-in-law Tresa.  Brandon, our great nephew, showed us his expertise with the guitar and we had a great, although short, visit.


As I said, it was a whirlwind one-day trip and, still, so many people we were not able to see!  Oh, well, other trips are definitely in our future!

Before heading back to Fort Parker SP, I went to visit my cousins Gordon and Linda and, although the visit was short, we had a great time catching up.

P1020492_resize - Visit with Gordon and Linda - 09-29-12

Well, all good things must come to an end – for awhile!  It was time to head back to Fort Parker SP on September 30th to start our three (3) months as volunteer park hosts, so more to come.  Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!  ~judy~

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