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Follow us in our trials, triumphs and tribulations, while on the road in our motor home "The Liberty Belle". We chose to forsake the conventional lifestyle in our 3,000+ square-foot home to move into a 40-foot Winnebago Ultimate Freedom. Travel with us as we take you on the road with us in our new lifestyle.
I may grow older, but I'll never grow up!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

We are spending our last day at Bay RV Park and, boy, did we have a shock when our final invoice for electricity was delivered yesterday.  Let's just say that it was much more than we spent in our 3,000 square foot 2-story home!  I visited with the owner this morning and she did give us a break.  Rule #1:  Find affordable RV parks with electricity paid.  We hope to never have to pay additional for electricity – especially with 100-degree weather and no trees!  As we said, the past few weeks have been a learning experience.
Well, I only thought the day was almost over!  After a leisurely afternoon, Dick and I went out to put the kayak on the Nitro and wrap up outdoor stuff when some neighbors came by to visit.  Rule #2:  Do not get interrupted once you start the shutdown procedures (words of wisdom from our camp hosts, Steve and Bonnie)!  Dick forgot he was draining the black water and, when I headed around the RV to go inside, water was flowing everywhere!  Dick went to take care of the water and I headed inside to check out what was flooded.  Fortunately, only part of the carpet in the bedroom and closet was wet with clean water.  One of our great purchases was a small shop vac, so we have been able to get up most of the water.  Water also flooded part of 2 of the bays, so our evening was spent drying out and moving stuff.  Thank goodness we'll be at our son's house for a few days to dry out, reorganize and wash towels!  I bet this is one thing we will not have happen again!!

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