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Monday, February 20, 2012

A Good Day At Reynolds Creek Park

Every day that passes here at Reynolds Creek on Waco Lake carries with it new surprises!  Saturday evening, we were sitting around, visiting with Dave and Sue, our volunteer neighbors, when suddenly two Waco PD cars raced through our entrance silently, with lights flashing.  Dave and I hopped into my SUV and hurried after them (not as recklessly I might add) and found them pulled up on one of the points looking out over the lake.  It seems a group of guys had rented a houseboat to celebrate one of their son's birthday.  Somehow, during their cruise at one point, they fouled the boat's prop in the anchor rode.  We were having steady winds across the lake of about 20-30 mph and the party was, to put it mildly, in deep doo-doo!  While we were there, the approaching Waco Fire Dept. Rescue Boat lost power and they were dead in the water.   Finally, after about another 10-15 minutes, they were able to get under way and make progress to the hapless houseboat, tie a line to it and tow it to one of our boat ramps and floating docks.

Early Sunday morning, they bribed the birthday boy into going for a swim in the freezing water and freeing the prop.

Also Sunday morning, I was making my rounds, checking on how much the lake had risen - we had over 2" of rain in the past 24 hours - and the water was rising steadily.  This didn't deter a horde of hopeful fishermen as they launched their craft with the prospects of the heavy rains bringing about good fishing.  I was engaged in a conversation with a couple when I noticed what looked to be a dark shape slinking across the road about 200 yards away.  I immediately grabbed my camera and started shooting, and I was lucky enough to capture a few shots of a fairly rare sight.  It was a really large and very dark bobcat.  I apologize for the lack of clarity in these shots, but my equipment and my ability to hand-hold the camera steady enough was beyond its limits.

Soon afterwards, I arrived home and saw a couple of birds twittering and playing up on our utility pole next to the motor home.  Once again, I grabbed my camera and was able to get a few good shots before they flew away,  The Eastern Bluebird is a regular here, but I usually can't see their colors because the bright back light makes them look a nondescript black or dark gray. 


Thanks for your interest...more to come.


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