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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Surprise and Happy Valentine's Day!

The last few weeks, I have continued volunteering in the COE office 3 afternoons a week – answering phones, providing information (with lots of assistance from Rangers), preparing hunting permits, typing forms and proofreading.  Dick has continued patrolling the park, assisting visitors, picking up trash and taking pictures of the wildlife.  He even made a sign so visitors know that the park closes at “sunset” at this time of the year.

"SUNSET" sign

In addition, Dick has been assisting Ranger Liz with various photo projects and, one afternoon a couple weeks ago, I went with him to meet Liz and her husband Steve at Airport Beach Park to take pictures to use for a presentation to teens about water safety.  This park on Waco Lake is closed for the winter, but is apparently packed during the spring and summer with picnickers and swimmers.

Airport Beach Park
Dick and Ranger Liz taking pictures of Steve as
"drowning victim"

One evening last week, I thought the view from our RV as the sun was setting was worth a picture.

Another night, Dick heard noises outside his window and, upon checking, here is what he saw.  Unfortunately for Rocky Raccoon, there was no food in the bucket, which Dick uses for picking up trash around the park. 

Since our friends Dave and Sue moved next door as COE volunteers, we have had another couple to visit, which has been nice.

Sue with Molly, Jody and Emma

A few weeks before my 65th birthday on Sunday (February 12th), I told Dick that the only gift I wanted from the kids and him was to see the kids and our 3 grandsons.  I must admit that I felt very sad the last few days before the weekend, as I truly believed Dick when he told me no one could come see us, and it was not a good weekend for us to go to Houston.  Well, on Saturday morning, as I washed clothes and dressed in my warm-ups (with no makeup or hair fixed), I heard Dick go outside and, when I walked to the front of the RV, I realized everyone had come to celebrate my birthday!  I later found out that Mike had called Dick a few weeks ago to see if this surprise would work.  Dick said he came close to telling me when I was so upset on Friday.  However, he kept the secret and I was totally surprised!  We all went to Red Lobster for lunch and came back to the RV for King cake (made by April) – after a tour of the park where everyone saw a fox (except for me), roadrunner and lots of deer (but no pictures).  Mike, April, Colby and Ben had to drive back to Tomball that evening, but Michelle and Logan stayed overnight.  Naturally, I could take a “grandson fix” every day, but it was an awesome visit until the next time.  Michelle and Logan will be back in 3 weeks during their Spring break, and Mike and his family will visit us in Colorado in late May.

Birthday treat at Red Lobster - shared with
Logan, Colby and Ben
King Cake dessert - made by April

Colby, Logan and Ben
Grammy and her "boys"

After Michelle and Logan left on Sunday, I had a laid-back birthday on a cold and dreary day.  Around 4 p.m., the highlight of my day was snow flurries (followed by sleet)!  My friends and family know that, IF it’s going to snow in Texas or Louisiana, it is often on or around my birthday.  I know you probably cannot tell and think I’m silly, but there really are snow flurries on and around me!!

Judy in the snow - honest!!

My birthday was topped off by bacon-wrapped huge shrimp (fixed by Dick), which was my gift from Michelle and Logan – from Rose’s in Kemah, TX.  Yummy!!

Today, Dick and I went to visit the Lake Waco Wetlands - a 10-minute drive from Reynolds Creek Park.  This is one of the only wetlands of its kind in Central Texas, and was constructed the City of Waco in 2001 to replace habitat lost due to raising Lake Waco by 7 feet.  It is located on the North Bosque River and covers over 180 acres, and has become a diverse habitat for a variety of flora and fauna.  We toured the facility, which was very educational and walked to a couple overlooks.  It is possible to walk the trails and sit in wildlife blinds for viewing and picture taking, which Dick plans to do one day soon.  If possible, it was more peaceful than our park!  Check it out at  We look forward to taking Michelle and Logan for a tour when they are here in March.

I hope all of you have a very happy Valentine’s Day and, until next time, see ya!  ~Judy~

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