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Friday, October 14, 2011

A Dream Come True

Beaver Pond - Rocky Mountain National Park (1983)
They say, if you try hard enough, you can make your dreams come true.  Since 1972, we have vacationed as a family in our favorite place in North America. That place is Estes Park, Colorado and specifically, Rocky Mountain National Park.  Both are located in Larimer County, Colorado - not far from Boulder.  Michelle, our daughter, reminded us today that, when she was a little girl, we would tell her that one day we would come back up here to volunteer in the campground as camp host. 

Well, that day has a date put on it!  Today, we answered a call from the Larimer County Park Rangers and, after a 30-minute phone interview, we were offered the position of volunteer campground host for Mary’s Lake Campground just outside of Estes Park from May 15th to October 1st of next year. Tomorrow morning, we start our fitness program to insure we will be in good shape to enjoy the 8,000+ foot altitude we will be living in. The position is strictly that of a volunteer and has the benefit of having a motorhome site with full hookups. Our duties will be to smile, show our fellow campers where to park, and help them out in any way we can, as well as helping the rangers when needed.  In addition, the rangers were interested in utilizing Dick's photography for flyers, brochures and ranger websites and Judy's proofreading for proposals, etc.  We will most likely be on duty three days with four days off, then four days on and three days off. This schedule will be shared with another host couple. The rangers actually said they want us to explore the area and enjoy ourselves on our off-duty rotation. 
Lone fly fisherman surrounded by a herd of wild elk  - Rocky Mountain National Park 2002
Our son and daughter (with their families) are already planning their summer vacations, and we hope others will also come to visit.  We plan to return to Texas/Louisiana next fall and winter to visit family and friends and for the holidays.

This will be a difficult winter to get through!
Elk Meadow - Rocky Mountain National Park (2002)

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